Janet van Dyne: fashion designer and superhero.

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Played by Vespidaequeen. Part of the Cracksmash RP group.

Welcome Party at the Asgardian Party House

*A few days after the Asgardians move out of the tower and into the new embassy/mansion/party house, Jan and Steve come over*

*Jan lets out a low whistle when she sees the place* Wow. I knew something was going on at this place - it’s been under construction for months now - but I had no idea that this was where Thor was moving.

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    *rolls his eyes* You do not always win, Sif. Sometimes, we end in a draw.
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    *to Thor and Steve* Then I shall not embarrass the both of you with a challenge. *grins* I would never hear the end of...
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    *spares a brief smile at Loki, he thinks he knows THAT feel* The serum is specifically designed for humans, boys, I very...
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    *Loki smiles* Lady Janet is most adept in battle. She can get very big. AND she can get very small. Tiny. *makes a...
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    *looks between the two of them* That’s a secret, smaller than an atom, and I figured I could fly when I realized I had...
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    *Both go quiet as they process this information* *Nori* How big can you get? *Varli* … How small can you get? *Nori* How...
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    *smiles genuinely* Well, friend, I could hardly excuse myself from tonight’s feast, with my lord’s guests joining us and...
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    *Volstagg gives a mournful sigh* It would have been far better had I been able to acquire boars for roasting. I fear...